Where do I pick up the cassette that comes with my ticket?

You can pickup your cassette at the box office once you check in at the venue.

Whereis the festival located?

100% ElectroniCON 2 is located at Catch One night club in Los Angeles. The address is 4067 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019.  

Is there parking?

There is a pay lot next to the venue and additional pay lots surround the venue off Pico Blvd. There is also street parking in the surrounding area. However, the pay lot is expensive and the street parking is slim. We strongly suggest taking a ridesharing service, even if you live in LA.

What hotels are nearby?

There are hotels and motels in the nearby areas of Koreatown, Mid City, Culver City, and Downtown.

Is the venue handicap accessible?

Only the first level rooms are handicap accessible.

Are there ATMs inside the venue?

Yes, there are two ATMs inside the venue, one by the main entrance. There is also a Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America just south on Pico. 

Will I need cash?

It will certainly make your life easier. Most artists will have a way to take cards, and the drinks/food at the venue will be purchasable with a card. However, imagine your favorite artist has one t-shirt left in your size, but they only take cash, and you don't have any! A nightmare. Plus cash makes lines move faster and let's you get back to the action as fast as possible.

How can I buy tickets?

You can buy them online through our website at https://www.Electronicon2.com/.

If I don’t have photo ID, can I still get in the venue?

Photo ID is required to get into the venue. Accepted IDs that are current and non-expired are: state issued ID or Driver’s License, Military & Passport ID.

How will reentry work?

There is no re-entry but plenty of space at the venue, including a patio area, to take a break during the festival.
The venue will have pizza and snacks, we will also have a vegan food vendor outside on the patio.

Does the venue have a smoking section?

There is a large outdoor patio for smoking!

Are backpacks allowed?

Backpacks are not allowed, and all bags/purses are subject to search by the security team. If you have a cool tote that might be fun thing to bring to stuff merch into.

But what about the stickers/tapes/CDs I was planning to giveaway/sell at the event?

No merch is allowed in the event unless you are an artist or an official vendor. If you want to bring stickers to hand out you'll have to stuff them down your pants to get in because stickers and other graffiti paraphernalia are banned from the venue! Don't tell anyone where they came from though (yuck!)

I don't want to hold my vinyl/poster/hoard of cassettes all day while I'm moshing to t e l e p a t h. What am I supposed to do without a backpack?

The venue doesn't have their own coatcheck, so we will set our own up. For $5 we will give you a 15"x16" bag to put your name on and store it alphabetically. Don't forget to pick up your bag at the end of the night or its gone for good! Music ends at 11:20. That gives you 40 minutes!